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NM Transformation School Testimonials

The first 2+ years of growing my NM business can be likened to being like a scavenger. I had to go through a lot of dirt to find useful training and tips for growing my business. It was quite difficult to apply some of the things I picked up because it just won’t work for Africans based on the infrastructures we have and things that are peculiar to us.
When Coach Kemisola announced the launch of this course I quickly jumped on the offer. The course content is so rich with loads of actionable activities that you can apply immediately to your business. The best part is, she is a living working and breathing example that everything she has put into this course works. And the fastest way to achieve results is to ride on the shoulders of those who have proven track records.
If you are looking for a way to transform your business, the Network Marketing Transformational School is your express ticket!

Faith Kapona

Network marketing Top leader

I had no prior experience in Network Marketing. My search and hungry for knowledge changes when I signed up for the Network Marketing Transformation Course. I’m better, more confident and business is booming. I have been able to raise a large team of people, rank advanced severally and qualified for incentives from my Company. Kemisola is indeed phenomenal. A woman of knowledge, highly impactful. I have learnt humility in its purest form.
If you are a struggling Network Marketer, it’s time to scale up your business. The Superstart course a must buy. It will set your business on fire.

Lilian Uja

NM Top Earner/Leader

I started Network Marketing on a part-time basis and I love the freedom and personal development it promises. I implemented a lot of world-class training my sponsor gives but over time I lost the steam to recruit. This led to a long period of drought at recruiting and everything I implemented just wasn’t yielding fruits.
Then I came across the network transformation school! It was the first paid training I attended on recruiting so yes, I was willing to pay for the training because I realized how important it is to my business. Fast forward to how I felt after the super starters segment of the training, I had a mindset reprogramming. I became more deliberate in my recruiting activities. I embraced the process and the result is phenomenal!
I strongly recommend the Network marketing Transformation course to every person that wants to create long-lasting success in their network marketing profession.

Adebisi Atelewologun

Network Marketing leader

Network Marketing Transformational School – The Game Changer
My journey into the Network Marketing industry began in 2017. I simply knew I wanted to become professional however I had no clue how to go about doing that. Most of the materials from Network Marketing Coaches and Mentors all over the world were great but there was nothing tailored for the Nigerian Network Marketing Industry that was localized to our own peculiar business environment. I searched and searched for anything that could help me as I had gotten to a point in my career where I was experiencing little or no growth and stagnancy. Then I stumbled upon a Network Marketing Transformation Course by a Nigerian Network Marketing Coach and I was simply overjoyed that finally someone has taken newbies like me into consideration and created a course that would not only give the right direction but is specifically tailored to the Nigerian Network Marketing Professionals need .

Iniye Emelife

Network Marketing Professional

I will remain grateful for buying this course from Kemisola. I have always admired her tenacity and the way she builds her business. So when the opportunity came for this course, I didn’t think twice but jumped it. I love how easy it’s is to understand and follow through the modules. Going through has made better build my business especially team building. It has made me a better person when it comes to creating tools for business duplication. Don’t overanalyze getting this course, your business will thank you for this. Besides kemisola is so approachable and down to earth.

Temilolu Adewole

Network marketing leader

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